Helen Bay Hertfordshire Celebrant

I can’t remember the exact moment I started playing at ‘making special ceremonies’ as a child, but I know I was always fascinated and drawn to honouring life somehow. When I was eight, I visited Centre Parcs at Sherwood Forest and made a shrine to Robin Hood and covered it with flowers, leaves and rocks that I thought he would have liked. It just seemed the right thing to do!

I’ve always created altars wherever I was living or staying; gathering items with meaning to me in one area and just spending time in that place, with those symbolic things. 

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As I grew older, I became interested in travelling and witnessed many different types of sacred, spiritual and traditional ceremonies from all around the world, performed by all manner of weird and wonderful members of the human race.

I was then asked by friends to perform fire ceremonies at parties, relationship break up healings and even marriage ceremonies, which was so much fun. I absolutely loved it and began to realise how much I really cared about this work and that I was good at it, too.

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I have eight years experience working in TV production as a Production Manager. This means I am incredibly well organised, professional, flexible, and confident.

I have four years experience in event production, with specific skills in wedding planning and coordinating. This means I understand how important personal ceremonies are. How they affect not only the direct client, but the wider family and friends, and how they will be remembered forever.

I am an Emotional and Mental Resilience teacher, helping people improve their life experience by equipping them with practical skills to manage their inner and outer worlds.

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I love hearing people’s stories.

I love creative writing.

I enjoy public speaking and have a clear and expressive voice.

I am enthusiastic for the heartfelt, inspiring and funny moments of life.

I understand and encourage emotions, feelings and creativity and find it easy to work in these areas.

So, I decided to build my celebrancy business.

Welcome to House of Peacock.

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It’s an incredible honour for me to be a part of these special and important moments of people’s lives. I take every ceremony I write and perform very seriously and am wholehearted and creative with my approach to how your story is written and any symbolic elements you wish to include, to create a totally unforgettable life moment.

Thank you for visiting my site and I hope to hear from you soon.

Love, Helen x

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